Plan ahead for the future with an investment apartment at Laendyard. Profit from your condo with a constantly increasing value – and lucrative renting.

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If you wish to invest your money in long-term and value-enhancing property, you might consider acquiring an apartment in order to generate rental income. Should you choose this profitable buy-to-rent option, you’ll receive a regular index-secured income with opportunities to optimise due taxes.

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Top 3.28
4 floor
3 Rooms
71.00 m2
7.30 m2 Balcony
283.000 €
Top 3.39
5 floor
3 Rooms
71.00 m2
7.30 m2 Balcony
291.000 €
Top 3.50
6 floor
3 Rooms
71.00 m2
7.30 m2 Balcony
299.000 €