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Laendyard is creating quality housing in each of these 500 apartments, which range from 40 to 151 square metres in size.

Multi-storey townhouses with private gardens for the whole family, small apartments for young urbanites or spacious penthouses with 360° views over Vienna. Each of them absolutely special.

Owner-occupied, for rent or as buy-to-let homes. All ready for occupancy. All with high-quality interiors as well as efficient and functional layouts. That’s how contemporary architecture works.

A 1000 m² retail and catering area catering to all kinds of daily needs is right on your doorstep.

man on the bridge connecting laendyard to prater

An ensemble of six blocks forms the L-shaped structure of the area, the centre of which is now emerging as a meeting place.

A new interpretation of the traditional village square opens up a wide range of opportunities and possibilities – as a communal garden, a relaxing space for recreation and as a consumption-free zone.
Open resting places tempt residents and visitors to stop and linger at this spot.

An inviting place with green spaces and resting places for blissful dolce far niente.

Laendyard bears the signature of two architectural firms:

MALEK HERBST’s architectural approach is characterised by clear appearances, carefully selected design products and high-quality materials. It sets equally high standards in terms of interior design and urban precision.

BEHF Corporate Architects is a byword for architecture that attracts great public attention by presenting a combination of idiosyncratic aesthetics and state-of-the-art technology. Thanks to the unique link between lightness and elegance, its design vocabulary makes the simple very special.