Not far from the city, but also close to nature. Laendyard is located at the Danube Canal vis-à-vis Vienna's biggest park area, only minutes from the city.

For coming,
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Located on the banks of the Danube Canal, opposite the natural gem of the Viennese Prater and featuring untouched meadows as well as woodland.

Ideal for all kinds of sports and leisure activities. The bicycle and pedestrian bridge known as the “Erdberger Steg” enables everyone to reach the Jesuitenwiese within five minutes. This meadow consists of 112,000 square metre green space which contains Vienna’s largest playground.

Nestled in a residential quarter that has developed into a vibrant neighbourhood of Vienna. In addition to numerous restaurants, cafés and supermarkets along the Landstraßer Hauptstraße, the Rochusmarkt is also one of the most important local sources of fresh food in the 3rd district. Its vivid market life enlivens the immediate surroundings.

Convenient and quick ways to the historical city centre

Thanks to excellent public transport links and superb cycle paths, the city centre can be reached within a matter of minutes.

The nearest metro station is only a five-minute walk away. It only takes about 15 effortless minutes to get to Vienna International Airport easily by car or City Airport Train (CAT).